#SayItNow: My Mother Goose

Orene Dunzweiler is larger than life, something I’m trying to focus on as we anticipate her suddenly looming, inconceivable death. I feel dizzy at the thought of her not being here and after a morning of sobbing all I can do is write. I hope to document some shred of how important she is to … Continue reading

Lifelong Love

Lifelong Love

My father is larger than life. His gregarious personality has led him into countless spontaneous friendships, marvelous toasts, thousands of entertaining (albeit predictable) exchanges with restaurant waitstaff, and into a marriage of remarkable endurance. He met my mother while working at the local Safeway in his twenties, putting himself through college and then law school. … Continue reading

A Surprising Encounter With a Stranger (a.k.a., When Someone You Don’t Know Says Exactly What You Need to Hear)

A Surprising Encounter With a Stranger (a.k.a., When Someone You Don’t Know Says Exactly What You Need to Hear)

I’ve been struggling with my daughter recently. Well, not so much recently, but since she was born. Since before then, actually. Since the 48-hour-long labor that almost took us both out. Since the week that followed in the hospital where I required chest X-rays in the middle of the night, extra oxygen to keep me … Continue reading

Mom Foods

I wanted to post this on Mother’s Day, the day that everyone is focused on the important role mothers play in our lives. But late-spring sickness has ravaged our household, this mom included, making the holiday weekend a bit of a bust for writing or any sort of productivity beyond snot-sucking tiny noses, constantly blowing … Continue reading

Woman of the World

When I interviewed her, she was making quinoa and roasted vegetables for company that night. “I really don’t cook,” she told me flatly. This is the current, no-frills specialty of a young woman who is the most cosmopolitan I know. A true global citizen, she grew up around the world – but mostly in the … Continue reading