You’ve Got Heart: Gail Jones, In Memoriam, 1951-2014

It is important to write. For so many reasons, it is important to write. Writing helps to document, for now, for the future. Helps to preserve a moment of feeling, information about a topic, stories to share with others. Helps to process difficult things, helps to remember wonderful things, helps to create a record of … Continue reading

Woman of the World

When I interviewed her, she was making quinoa and roasted vegetables for company that night. “I really don’t cook,” she told me flatly. This is the current, no-frills specialty of a young woman who is the most cosmopolitan I know. A true global citizen, she grew up around the world – but mostly in the … Continue reading

Let’s Make Candy Clay Hearts!

Let’s Make Candy Clay Hearts for Valentine’s Day and Other Recipes From Our Past! We Loved to Cook in the 1970s (December 2012) is a wonderful book you’ve never heard of. You’ve never heard of it because it is unpublished, existing only in a single, handwritten, spiral-bound copy in Sacramento, California. The book belongs to … Continue reading

A Top Chef Goes Slumming

The air is thick and sticky in the empty afternoon dining room of his stellar first restaurant in New York’s West Village, Perilla. It’s a Friday in September of 2008, pre-service. And its owner and chief cook in command, also the first winner of Bravo’s Top Chef, Harold Dieterle (pictured right), is about to share … Continue reading